November 8, 2007


September 27, 2007

As most of you who read the free daily rag Metro know, there is a weekly segment on “Office Yoga”. Its purpose is to provide the reader with a series of low-profile, highly-effective means of relieving stress while sitting at your cubical. I’m not going to get into what I really think about Yoga, as I might buckle to the whims of West Coast Culture in the near future and you may see me floating, cross-legged on a cumin fireball, eating a bowl of couscous while reading the Bahgvad Dita. My fears of localized indoctrination aside, one segment of Office Yoga was so preposterously ridiculous, I had to write in to the author. Here’s the exchange so far:

Hi There,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank Sadie Lawrence for Metro’s “Office Yoga” tip last week, titled “Eye Yoga”. She provided many of us here at the office with a long, hearty chortle. Perhaps next week she’ll enlighten us with the benefits of fingernail clipping Feng Shui?

Her Response:

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your feedback. I believe the humor lies in the misconception that ‘yoga’ is just for toning the body. This often happens when words take on a conventional usage that somewhat strays from their true meaning. A ‘chortle’, in fact, is another kind of yoga altogether, the heartier the better.

In peace,


My response:


However, if you say “chortle” is another type of yoga, I can only assume that you define yoga as anything you choose to assign it. That is unless you were being snarky – in which case, you win – in a bowl-of-water-and-cereal kind of way.


We wait for a response.

In Peace,