Arcade Fire is at the top of the very tall and exclusive indie rock food chain.  Since 2004, they’ve released two successful, independently-produced albums, and have caught the attention of artists such as the legendary David Bowie, played every major music festival under the sun, and even collaborated live with U2. Not bad for a bunch of Montreal art fags.

That said, you might be interested to know who’s fancy they’ve tickled this time around. Barrack Obama. Yeah, I said it. Barrack Obama – the likely next President of the United States. They’ve been commissioned to play – dare I say open – two shows for him in Ohio, today and tomorrow. This isn’t something you’d expect to see on a either a show flier or at a political event.

I’d line up for that.


It’s been a while, huh? Sure, lots has been going on, and I’ve been really busy lately – but the real issue is that there’s so much I’ve wanted to talk about, that a combination of lack of time and not knowing where to begin has prevented anything from appearing here. Today’s no  exception. But I wanted to post this video of Obama’s South Carolina primary victory speech. It’s moving.

You look at this man, his obvious intelligence, his benevolence, his values, and not least of all, his charisma, and you just know he’s a born leader. He’s going to be the man that changes the way the world looks at America, and hopefully the way America looks at the rest of the world.

Canada needs another Trudeau.

Is anyone else out there left scratching their heads at the fact that billionaire Rupert Murdoch, owner of Newscorp (Mother corporation to the far-right reaching Fox News), is contributing funds solely to Democratic primary candidates? Is his interest in catering to Republicans fueled by profit? From a business perspective, pandering to the fundies is a brilliant move. It’s also %100 intellectually dishonest. I have to wonder if the guy’s conducting a large-scale social experiment or just plain old batshit crazy, or both. It seems to me that donating money with his left hand while telling news from an Unfair and Unbalanced perspective with his right is fundamentally counter-productive. Especially when Fox News (unfortunately) shapes the political opinions of such a capacious portion of the American population.

Next thing you know, Ann Coulter’s going to start donning a hijab and Rush Limbaugh will be caught masturbating to Jesus porn. Either way, they’ll both still be assholes.