Rants, musings, ideas, politics, work, personal affairs, contradiction and hypocrisy. I aim to please, but often fail. It’s ok to laugh. I do too.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Doris said

    Good morning, Interesting web site….I should coul dhave used this 40 years ago while in school!! My best firend all through secondary school was a red head. My maid of honour was a red head; so that debunks the theory of red heads not being friends. Because of the protection of not being out in the sun (thanks Mom & Dad), at 53 my skin is great and people think I’m younger. I’ve never thought much of not being attrated to a red headed guy, though light skinned attracks dark skin and the same with hair. My husband was attracked to the hair and freckles.

  2. two gurus in drag said


  3. Mark said

    Reading your blog is like connecting the dots from the carpool musings.

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