God laughs every time you drop your Blackberry

January 29, 2008

It’s been a while, huh? Sure, lots has been going on, and I’ve been really busy lately – but the real issue is that there’s so much I’ve wanted to talk about, that a combination of lack of time and not knowing where to begin has prevented anything from appearing here. Today’s no  exception. But I wanted to post this video of Obama’s South Carolina primary victory speech. It’s moving.

You look at this man, his obvious intelligence, his benevolence, his values, and not least of all, his charisma, and you just know he’s a born leader. He’s going to be the man that changes the way the world looks at America, and hopefully the way America looks at the rest of the world.

Canada needs another Trudeau.


5 Responses to “God laughs every time you drop your Blackberry”

  1. […] said it best: You look at this man, his obvious intelligence, his benevolence, his values, and not least of all, […]

  2. maille k said

    Unfortunately, I think his lack of experience will be a hindrance whether he wins the nomination or the Presidency. I’m still voting for Billary.

  3. Ew. The Billary dynasty needs to stop in 2008 for a number of different reasons including, but not excluded to:

    1) Presidency should not be something you inherit. I think it’s quite apparent that if after 20 years of Bush/Clinton/Bush – and then Clinton again – that being the leader of the free world is not determined by a majority in a democratic system, but rather an aristocracy that functions outside of popular public opinion.

    2) Billary’s platform and campaign efforts have been based on pandering to popular opinion and distorting truths about her same-party opponent. Most recently, (s)he broke a pledge not to campaign in both Michigan and Florida – two states that had violated primary rules and ALL democratic candidates had pledged to not campaign in.

    3) One word: Diebold. In the New Hampshire primaries, the hand-counted votes and the machine-counted votes showed vast differences in who the preferred candidate was. Oddly enough, hand-counted votes preferred Obama, and – surprise, surprise – the Diebold machines, Hillary. There are other factors that could explain this inconsistency, the jury’s still out on this one. Records from the last eight years show that these “inconsistencies” are becoming strangely consistent.

    There are many, many reasons why Hillary’s the wrong choice. I also personally believe that the experience argument is total bunk. In fact, I think that lacking several decades in politics has done more good than bad for Obama. He’s new enough to not be jaded, but has been around long enough to know his way around the block. In my mind, that counts for so much more than solidifying bad habits that have been developed over time.

    And, to top it off, the Republicans are scared shitless of him. Hillary, not so much.

    Why is that?

  4. mensamuse said

    Your points are valid, but may I suggest avoiding ‘ew’ as the introduction to your retort in the future?

    I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, either. However, in terms of connections, experience and the basic down and dirty details of being the top employee in AmericaCorps., I think Hillary is the better choice fresh out of the Bush.

  5. I feel the ‘ew’ was warranted, however I’ll remember to avoid said word in an introduction to my retorts in the future.

    Since my last reply, much has changed in the race for nomination. I don’t think I need to cite examples of the Clinton campaign’s pathos-invoking collapse as they’re littering news sites and blogs everywhere.

    Since the steady crumble began and pundits as alongside former top-shelf supporters called for her abandonment of seeking nomination, I’ve read only one palatable argument for her to stay: That it would be a huge blow to the modern feminist movement to give up at this point. The problem with that argument is that the bigger picture is about leadership – not gender – thus nullifying an otherwise insightful point.

    An hour or two of research will tell you that the “experience” she speaks of is completely baseless as Obama has accomplished more in his time in Senate than she has (both in bills proposed and bills passed), and even though they have worked together on many issues in the past, Obama has been much more pro-active on the very same issues that Hillary has woven into the flag she flies so proudly. On a side note, you’ll notice that she’s left that talking point alone altogether.

    Connections? Yeah, she’s got those. Lots, and lots, and lots. I don’t, however, see that as a good thing in any way. On the world stage, the Clintons have a reputation. Believe it or not, it’s not a very good one in many, many parts of the world (albeit much better than that fuck up there right now). Obama’s approach to foreign affairs is one of diplomacy and compassion. Guess what? The world wants to listen. Other connections? Probably lobbyists. Hell, they practically funded her entire campaign (aside from that cool $5 mil she donated to herself.) Are those the kind of connections and relationships you want leading a country that’s in desperate need of diplomatic and economical 180?

    Her campaign is falling apart. She’s mocking her opponent, then speaking to him like a child. Her speech writers are saying they’re misunderstood. Her campaign managers can’t even properly organize a small event in a Texas high school gym. Her spokespeople are speaking down to the press in ways that not even I, after a night at wild wings, would think about doing. We’re in the last throes here. They can’t keep it together, and the desperation is obvious.

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