September 27, 2007

As most of you who read the free daily rag Metro know, there is a weekly segment on “Office Yoga”. Its purpose is to provide the reader with a series of low-profile, highly-effective means of relieving stress while sitting at your cubical. I’m not going to get into what I really think about Yoga, as I might buckle to the whims of West Coast Culture in the near future and you may see me floating, cross-legged on a cumin fireball, eating a bowl of couscous while reading the Bahgvad Dita. My fears of localized indoctrination aside, one segment of Office Yoga was so preposterously ridiculous, I had to write in to the author. Here’s the exchange so far:

Hi There,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank Sadie Lawrence for Metro’s “Office Yoga” tip last week, titled “Eye Yoga”. She provided many of us here at the office with a long, hearty chortle. Perhaps next week she’ll enlighten us with the benefits of fingernail clipping Feng Shui?

Her Response:

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your feedback. I believe the humor lies in the misconception that ‘yoga’ is just for toning the body. This often happens when words take on a conventional usage that somewhat strays from their true meaning. A ‘chortle’, in fact, is another kind of yoga altogether, the heartier the better.

In peace,


My response:


However, if you say “chortle” is another type of yoga, I can only assume that you define yoga as anything you choose to assign it. That is unless you were being snarky – in which case, you win – in a bowl-of-water-and-cereal kind of way.


We wait for a response.

In Peace,



10 Responses to “”

  1. two gurus in drag said

    I’ve never even contemplated putting those exercises into practice. I’m impressed but I still want to laugh.

  2. There’s really nothing impressive about it. Trust me. They’re making stuff up now.

  3. two gurus in drag said

    Could Chris Atchinson look any more squirrely in his photo?

  4. mensamuse said

    Julien beat me to it, but c’mon. Bhagavad….Gita.

  5. Julien’s a snotty little French guy, so I expect that sort of snark from him. But, really, is Bhagavad really part of anyone’s lexicon? No.

  6. mensamuse said

    Well, you know, a lexicon is an entire language’s vocabulary, rather than a personal one. So, yes, I expect it is part of the Hindu lexicon.

  7. The word “lexicon” can be used as an item possessed, and not necessarily by an entire language as a whole. It depends on the word’s application.

  8. Uhclem said

    Well, I was engaged earlier today in a debate over Arjuna’s and Krishna’s conversation in the Gita in my creative writing course (I find Krishna’s advice a tad too American for my tastes; my opponent differs), so it’s certainly part of my lexicon.

  9. Ok, ok. Anyone but you, Peter.

    /Should have known.

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