52 Pick-Up

September 12, 2007

    In his blog today, a friend of mine, Jay Phil, asked what a good gift for a person with autism would be. I should be the last person to attempt to answer this question as I’m the WORST at giving gifts. I suck at it so bad that I’m better off not giving anything at all. I’m the type of guy to get his girlfriend a set of jumper cables for her birthday and not realize it was a bad idea. Regardless, Jay’s question was intriguing so I set aside my bowl of Kraft Dinner, wiped the sauce out of my chest and stomach hair, put on some pants and gave his query some thought. This is my answer. I know posting this seems just slightly self absorbed, but I’m genuinely proud of my idea. It’s not easy to be insightful when you’re dealing with something you don’t know much about. Intuition, however, is a different matter. Carrying on…

    Man, it’s really hard to try to answer your question without being a completely insensitive piece of shit. But I’ll try. Here we go:

    As I understand, there are many different forms of autism that vary in degree of severity. People with Asperger’s Syndrome–a form of autism–can fit in with the general public, hold down high profile jobs, and have no one any the wiser to their disorder other than the odd quirk. However, I’m assuming that you’re talking about a slightly more conspicuous, flailing-of-the-arms-and-repeating-of-nonsensical-phrases-and-words type of autism.

    My suggestion? A deck of heavy-plastic-coated playing cards. Why? Hours of fun. They can count ‘em, colour co-ordinate ‘em, count ‘em again, make castles, count ‘em again, add ’em up, count ‘em again, chew on ‘em, and more. Hell, they can even PLAY with them if they so choose. And, a high-end deck of cards can’t go for more than $10!

    So there’s my suggestion. You can thank me later.

For the sake of time sensitivity, you can view the original entry here.


One Response to “52 Pick-Up”

  1. jayphill said

    I love it.. I really love it.
    Regarding the playing cards, it’s actually an amazing idea. My uncle Tom has Autism, and we get him phonebooks of different cities for his birthday and Xmas, and he loves it. It’s exactly as you stated, give a person something they can use for hours, and that’s cheap, and there you’ll have it.
    Thank you for answering that question and also giving me more insight into the entire spectrum of Autism.
    P.S. I miss ya bud

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