Just flew back from Ontario, and boy is my liver tired.

August 28, 2007

No, really, the thing is so hard that my mere presence turns diamonds to dust. In a span of roughly 50 hours I had the misfortune of attending a bachelor party, a birthday party, and a wedding with an open bar reception. Apparently, saying “Ah, whatever, I’m on vacation!” doesn’t provide even an iota of mercy on your body in morning. Regardless of how little you have to accomplish the next day, it still feels like flossing your innards with barbed wire.

And that was only Ottawa.

One night out with the ol’ gang in Toronto left me feeling like I’d been on the shit end of 1000 pistol whips. That’s not to say I didn’t have fun. We did Insomnia, Dance Cave (I really didn’t want to admit that), private karaoke, and basement apartments–what’s not to like? Oh yeah, suddenly realizing it’s 7am, the Go Trains are running, and having to swim against the flow of thousands of disgruntled morning commuters while smelling like a six pack of half-empty cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon left out in the sun to ripen.

I’m too old for this stuff.


2 Responses to “Just flew back from Ontario, and boy is my liver tired.”

  1. two gurus in drag said

    I’ve got some great photos from karaoke that I will upload once Samantha and I get the internet hooked back up.

  2. jayphill said

    thanks bud
    keep up with the updates

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