Ask a Redhead #3!

August 23, 2007

Man, it’s been awhile, but someone emailed me a question. And they’re foreign!

Sue from Tennessee asks: “I read today that redheads will be extinct soon. Is this true?”

Sue, it’s true. It’s very true. So true it hurts. National Geographic just released a study saying that we’re all peacing out within this century. The theory is that people are fucking around too much, and our super-impressive, yet recessive gene isn’t being spread like it should. They even go to the extent of advising all Gingies to move to Scotland, as the gene has a much better chance of continuing there. I don’t buy it. Others say it’s not true. But these others are probably the ones in England killing redheads in their sleep.

I believe National Geographic. I think most people do. They’re, like, bigger than Reader’s Digest.

Point is, Sue, you need to go fuck a redhead. Now. Do two if you can find them.


2 Responses to “Ask a Redhead #3!”

  1. jayphill said

    as expressed this evening in conversation… simply amazing

    i check this with anticipation each week

  2. two gurus in drag said

    “Go fuck a redhead.” It’s on my list now that I know that you are all slowly dying off.

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