Hairy palms

July 11, 2007

I mentioned it in a previous entry, so let’s talk about it now. Does anyone else with a WordPress account check the search engine terms that people used to find your blog? I’ve had some of the most amazing ones ever. You can’t see them after a day or two, so I’m just going to post whatever ‘terms’ people typed into Google.

Today’s gem is: “is jerking off everyday bad?”

I wish I could answer my new reader’s question and relieve him of his natural Christian fear of spending an eternity in a fiery chasm donning nothing but the humiliation of his nakedness and two permanently-worn sandpaper gloves–alas, he probably stumbled upon this page by mistake.

Dog Goes Crazy After Drinking Slurpee – Watch more free videos


3 Responses to “Hairy palms”

  1. mensamuse said

    Can’t believe how hard I laughed at a dog jumping through a fence.

  2. Jake Billo said

    There are definitely some interesting search terms floating around. If you use a web statistics analysis package like Webalizer or Analog, or even sign up for Google’s Webmaster Tools, you can check on these things more in detail.

    While I’m sure I have more hilarious terms somewhere in my archives, one query from May was allegedly “fix your screamo voice”. I hate to think of the poor fool who naturally has that sort of thing.

    Hilarious sandpaper analogy, by the way.

  3. I checked out Google’s webmaster tools, and given my technical prowess, and the fact that it’s way past my bedtime, I’ve elected on digging into it more at a later date.

    I’ve also had some other great queries, but they escape me at the moment, and probably every moment from here on in. That’s why I’ve decided to post them as they come.

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