It’s because you’re a Jew

July 10, 2007

My company released a Policy on Blogging today stating that we are not to speak of the company in any sort of negative light, amongst other things. Although I found it to be quite amusing (I’ll cite an example of the Policy’s what-not-to-do), it’s slightly alarming, too. I mean, is my employer scanning the internets for content about them? That’s lamer than adding your own name to your RSS feed.

Ok, example of what not to do: “My manager is such a&%!! jerk! He always takes like two hour breaks and then yells at me when I’m 5 minutes late! I heard he hates jews. that’s it. he hates me because I’m jewish!”
Yeah. It’s because you’re Jewish. Or maybe it’s because you come into work late, act like the snotty little privileged piece of shit that you are, and then play the victim. You’re probably stupid, too. Or ugly. Or both.

Regardless, this really won’t be a problem for me as a) I actually like my company b) I’m not Jewish. Or stupid. Or Ugly. Or both. Well, maybe a little ugly but at least I’m not both. The fact of the matter is that the company is big. Really big. With that sort of size, you’re bound to displease a few.

All that said, I’m going to delete any reference to them in this blog and not use the Company’s name here. It’s just not worth the risk. However, most of you know where I work, and I’m sure that those who don’t won’t find it too hard to figure it out should I decide to sass talk them on the internet in the future.

Aight. I’m gonna go kill some kittens, then off to bed.


4 Responses to “It’s because you’re a Jew”

  1. mensamuse said

    Is it worth mentioning ‘your’ a jew?

  2. jayphill said

    when i was still working at Virgin, they made me sign one of those as well. It kind of came out of nowhere but i find it funny that your work used a reference of what not to do.

    Also good work on the recent updates. I know i haven’t updated or commented on yours in a while, but damn if i don’t check this everyday. Kudos my friend, Kudos!

  3. julien said

    so fuckin lame. let me guess, they’re buying banner advertisements, too.

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