Dave’s not here

May 23, 2007

To elaborate a little more on my experience drinking Red Bull a mere hour before going to bed, and the hell that has been the last 13.25 hours of my life, I cannot stress this enough: Avoid Red Bull energy drinks at least 5 hours before sleeping. Avoid them all together for that matter.


I went to sleep at about midnight last night, a little later than normal, so it was no surprise that I immediately fell into my slumber. It wasn’t even bizarre to wake up at 3am, though that’s usually a result of one of two cats scratching at my door. However, I found myself as awake as one could possibly be, mere seconds after opening my eyes, and without a movement, scuffle or meow in earshot. That wasn’t normal. I was also able to vividly recall some of the dreams I had. That wasn’t normal, either. To further the abnormal nature of my sitting up in bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, was the horrific nature of my dreams. Without getting into too much detail, they were more like watching what I imagine homemade snuff films of the most violent degree to be like than the usual scary dream boogie monster content. I’d like to write more about it, but in all honesty, it’s so graphic and awful that I’m slightly concerned that it came from my own subconscious.


I laid back into my bed, still cringing from the incredibly disturbing images that had just danced across my cerebral cortex, and tried to go back to sleep. I sat there staring at the ceiling for another 30 minutes. Went out for a smoke (I’m aware smoking’s a stimulant, thanks), went back to bed, and still couldn’t sleep. Masturbation? Nope. Warm milk? Nope. Nothing worked. At that point I resigned myself to the fact that it was about 4am, and I was an hour into what was going to be an excruciatingly long day. It’s now 4:31pm PST, and I’ve had three hours sleep in the past 32 hours. I feel like I’m not here. I’ve done long stretches without sleep before, but the circumstances were much different. Though I’ve already passed through a second, third and fourth wind, I have the constant feeling of lucid dreaming—not exactly what I’d call fun times in a large office with deadlines and phones ringing off in a multitude of supremely annoying ring tones.


I briefly discussed this with a co-worker of mine and he mentioned that Red Bull has some sketchy ingredients in it that cause immense alertness and irritability, but a search online didn’t yield any results of what caused those nightmares. Normally I wouldn’t really dwell on it so much, but the realness and sheer horror of them combined with the rarity of actually remembering dreams has had my head spinning all day.


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